A New Year’s Resolution Worth Keeping …

( Reading Time – Approximately 10 to 11 Minutes ).

I only had one New Year’s Resolution this year, and it was simply to continue on doing something that has been going on in my life for many years now.  It is something that has truly altered my entire existence. And that is simply to think more. To think more deeply, freely and independently. Not to be blindly led, brainwashed and bullied by an increasingly apathetic and grossly false society. But to come to real conclusions about who I am, what life is really about and what really matters to me.

When I was younger and more naive, I used to play that game that society teaches so well. That it is all about competing against each other, all about gathering possessions, about having a successful career. That when you get your big house and your big car, you will suddenly become happy.

And well for a time, that philosophy just about works. It is easy to lose yourself, to lose your way, (particularly if you are feeling low and vulnerable), to become dazzled by all the shiny and bright things, to try to escape into this supposedly beautiful dream of promised luxury.

In reality, in terms of your spiritual health, which I now know is the only true home of genuine love and happiness, this lifestyle will get you absolutely nowhere.

When you are trapped like a pawn in societies’ game, and you eventually start to get some of that materialistic stuff that your mind and ego were told you needed, you then begin to realise, well hey ! this isn’t making me happy. So off you go again on the next quest to pacify the desires implanted into your subconcious. And after achieving that and the momentary wave of pleasure accompanying it fades away, then the true nagging, emptiness comes right back. And once more you set off on the never ending rollercoaster of suffering and desire. That rollercoaster seemed pretty exciting first time you got on it, even thrilling but after a while it just makes your head spin, makes you want to vomit and cry, or makes you numb and turns you into a zombie feeling dead on the inside. 

Well that nagging feeling is coming from your soul. And while your ego may be temporarily satiated by some physical or emotional pleasure. Such as drugs, casual sex, comfort and over eating, empty achievements of superiority over your fellow human beings, or even the latest designer goods and accessories. That nagging feeling, that empty hole just won’t ever fill from any of that stuff.

After having experienced this cycle more than a few times, the fortunate amongst us begin to wake up, they begin to think, they begin to question.

At first unfortunately this can bring even more discomfort as false illusions are shattered and fall apart. But with persistence you eventually start to see and understand your true essence and you discover what is truly important to you in your life. And that hole, that emptiness deep inside you begins to be filled in with the right meaningful things. For the first time you slowly start to experience a real consistent peace, happiness and genuine well being.

So for 2011, I encourage you to begin this journey to think and to question, to free your mind and soul. To break away from the whims and greed of society and those in it who use spin and tactics for their own twisted interests to manipulate your mind and emotions.

So forget about those longings for a new flash car, a bigger house, a promotion or any other new trinkets to add to the multitude you have already gotten and forgotten about. Forget too about conforming to a society and those in it who have been taken over by gluttony and out of control maniac egos. Break the spell they have on you. Stop trying to please these people, to look for their acceptance and validation, for as soon as you comply with their requests they change the rules and the torment in your head just starts all over again.

So forget these things.

Instead start to think and figure out once and for all what you really believe in and commit yourself to start living a real fulfilling journey with those meaningful beliefs.

Once you gain control over your mind, you’re going to be able to see clearly and start to make the right decisions which are going to have a tremendously good impact on your life. You will empower yourself.

So how can we begin to go about this ?

1)  Start to think about what you really want, what is really important to you. It is most likely to simply be good health, more love, more happiness and real meaning and purpose in your existence.

Then begin to question everything that society has taught you. If by now, you haven’t achieved real health and happiness following its guidelines and rules, then it is looking more and more unlikely that you ever will achieve these things through its methods.

So while you don’t have to completely disregard everything it says, it would be a wise decision to start investigating in some alternatives.

2) You can start by reading more. Educate yourself, but this time do it to make yourself more wise and happy. And not for the purpose of being able to do an unfulfilling job to make someone else more money.

Read meaningful books – philosophy, self help, science and spirituality. Unfortunately there are a few dodgy and misleading ones out there, but there are also many jewels amongst them. So if you happen to come across some that bore you or some that seem a bit on the crazy side, then don’t give up, just move on to the next one. What is most important is that these books get you to think and question for yourself. So use them to open, expand and free your mind.  

3) Next up – Watch less TV. Although it is comforting and easy to come in after work and use the TV to switch your brain off. What is actually happening is instead something quite different. It is filling your subconscious with junk – from bitchiness to unobtainable aspirations, to over the top drama which will all have a negative subconscious affect on your emotional moods and character.  So start to watch less and become very choosy in what you are watching. Switch over to more educational and informative programs that make your brain think. And watch others that are upbeat and positive to uplift your spirits.

Before you watch a program ask yourself  if  it is really going to help make you happier or as is more often the case, mess with your emotions and put you into a negative state of mind. If you do this for a few months and its influence starts to wane, your head will begin to clear and you will start to see how much junk and manipulation really is on that box.

4) Question everything, don’t believe and accept what anyone tells you (including me) at face value. Get your information from several places with different perspectives. And then think and analyse these ideas for yourself. You will eventually start to see who is telling you the truth and has your interest at heart.

Start also to really look at the behaviour of those in power, be they in the government, education, health, finance or any other industries, or self established authorities. Start to see and become aware of the techniques they use to manipulate our minds.

5) Now take a look at your own mind, start to see how it works. Examine your thoughts, see where they are coming from. Start to observe everything that happens with your thoughts and emotions. Are they relevant to the present situation you find yourself in ? Or are they just old patterns of behaviour ?  Which were constantly fed into your subconscious by a fraudulent society and are now being repeated on autopilot, without real thought and consideration as to whether they are really right for and any help towards the situation you are in.

Start to question their validity. Instead of just flowing with them and accepting what they say, create an observer in your mind that questions them, and if you don’t like their behaviour, then start to use techniques to eliminate them and reprogram your subconscious with new wiser and more satisfying methods of thought.

This can take a lot of time and effort but you will eventually end up with a calmer, clearer, more stable and structured mind, behaving in a way you want it to. Rather than in a way where emotions are over running it and clouding your judgment, increasing your mistakes and making life harder for yourself. Or being filled with and controlled by implanted desires from society which are creating painful cravings and longings, turning you into some sort of feeble addict with out of control emotions.

6) Start to meditate. It can be incredibly effective in allowing your mind to become quiet. And in training your conscious thinking mind to be able to easily alter and remove garbage planted by society or past harmful negative experiences now dwelling in the memory banks of your subconscious. But again be patient, as once you have learned a good method of meditation, it can still take years of practice to fully master your mind.

7) Try also to develop more meaningful, real and deep relationships. Avoid just seeing people’s looks, their status, their popularity and their possessions. Instead focus more on their true character. Whether they are genuinely supportive, caring, kind, whether they will stick with you if times get hard and so forth.

Look at their genuine qualities for when you really look deeply for the things you need and want to give you a happy life, you will find that these good qualities in others are really necessary and important things.

Forget those fake created TV characters and false families. Forget what all those programs and egotistical personalities are telling you what they think you need and what way you are to behave (which coincidentally always ends up making them and their sponsors very rich).

Instead, think for yourself. Wake up now to the idea that they do not have your best interests at heart and what they are often implanting in your mind is for the benefit of their egos and wallets and not for you well being.

So invest wisely in creating good relationships and friends. Use your mind to see through people to uncover their deeper motives and essence, rather than being led solely by pure appearance and showmanship.

To sum things up, make 2011 a real new beginning, a time to invest in who you really are. Not in a fake ego, implanted and manufactured in your mind by a heavily polluted and corrupt society. Not in gathering more possessions that you don’t really want and quickly lose interest in. Not in wasting valuable life climbing the corporate ladder and competing against your fellow human beings rather than befriending them. Or devoting your energy and time in working for heartless corporations who only pretend to care about you while they feed off of you, making themselves and their owners richer. And finally not in creating more empty and false relationships based purely on status and style. If you invest in fake relationships you will only get fake friends back.

Instead make 2011 all about thinking deeply and increasing your wisdom. All about seeing more clearly. All about finding your soul, and releasing into your life the real and genuine love that springs forth from the never ending well contained within it. Let this year be the start of your true beginning, your awakening, your enlightenment.


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  1. fantastic, great start to your blog

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