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How To Use Simple Foods To Really Detox …

( Reading Time – Approximately Four To Five Minutes ).

Chinese Medicine uses completely different approaches to understanding foods and their actions in the body. One of these methods is the Five Flavors. They are sweet, salty, spicy, bitter and sour. Each taste has a very different reaction in the body, producing very different results.

I will discuss in detail all these flavors eventually in this blog.

Generally, in small amounts, the tastes have a beneficial reaction. Whereas in large amounts they can disturb the body and throw it off course, even producing illnesses in it. By simply manipulating these flavors in your diet it can also help to resolve and even cure many ailments.

For example, if the body becomes too toxic, you will need to take in more foods that detoxify until you become clean on the inside. After that the body should be able to function properly again and whatever ailment initially caused by the toxins will most likely fade away and disappear.


That brings us onto the bitter flavor. It is the master of detoxifying and cleansing your body. (Another effect it has is to cool the body. How it does this will be explained in a future blog.)

When you put something bitter into your mouth, like a slice of lemon, it causes it to tighten up and squeeze. Your tongue will nearly try to push its way out of the back of your mouth. As this is happening, you will notice that your mouth waters. The fluid washes away the bitterness and your mouth is left feeling dry. Continue reading


Why Chinese Dietary Therapy Is Still Superior To Western Nutritional Advice …

( Reading Time – Approximately Four To Five Minutes ).

There is archaeological evidence to show that the Chinese have been studying foods and herbs for well over three thousand years. During that time, they refined and perfected a great system.

It is entirely different to the Western way of counting calories and dividing our foods into groups of carbohydrates, proteins and fats. It is instead very practical and useful in altering states and conditions, and even in treating and resolving illnesses in your body.

Once you understand the Chinese method, you can start to see why there are many flaws in current Western nutritional theories.

The Western approach is nearly always to break foods down into smaller and smaller isolated chemicals, which are then categorized into similar groups. When you do this many elements start to appear to have the same qualities. However on the bigger level, the problem with this is quite clear.

A few examples should illustrate it …

In the fruit category, a lemon is very obviously different in comparison to a banana. Indeed if you were to eat four bananas your intestines would feel and react very differently to if you were to eat four lemons. The lemons would have most people’s insides tied up in knots.

Similarly in the carbohydrates section, a potato has a different reaction to eating bread or eating white rice. When you eat potato your belly can feel heavy and even sometimes tired, whereas eating white rice often leaves you feeling energetic and light.

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How Cold Food Can Make You Overweight, Tired And Sick !

( Reading Time – Approximately Four To Five Minutes ).

Yes you read that right, by consuming cold foods and drinks we can cause our bodies to gain weight, lose power and in a weakened state to become more prone to ills over a period of time.

How ?

Well the first thing to understand is that our body runs off energy. Quite simply, the more powered up it is, the better every organ and every cell will function.

Everything from your heart to your kidneys to your brain needs power. The more it has the better and healthier it works. The less it has, the less able it is to carry out tasks around the body, leaving things to pile up and break, or leaving it vulnerable to infections and other ailments. So maximizing your energy levels is therefore of the upmost importance to a healthy flourishing well being.

Energy in essence is really heat and movement. The more active molecules become, the more they vibrate and heat up. If you think of a car engine or a machine, they heat up while they are running. Or even when you get active and exercise using your energy reserves, you will heat up. The sun also gives us an example of heat and energy in the form of solar power. In simple terms, heat and energy go hand in hand together.

Next up, we need to know how the stomach works. Its basic actions behave like a cooker does. After you have swallowed food, the stomach begins its process of digestion. This internal cooker starts to heat up your food and mix it with fluid enzymes, to further soften and break it down. If it is successful a mushy mix like a soup or stew, is passed into the intestine where it is further worked on and absorbed.

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