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What Is Qi And Why Is It So Important To Your Health …

( Reading Time – Approximately Three To Four Minutes ).

Qi (pronounced ‘chee’) is the Chinese name for the energy involved in all creation and life. In Japan they call it Ki, in India its name is Prana. Whatever it is called its actions are the same. It quite simply moves, creates, transforms, maintains, activates and holds in place everything in the human being and in the universe. It is the energetic force behind all existence.


Every living thing throughout nature needs energy. Plants need the sun’s energy to grow. They even create more leaves in the summer to soak up this energy into them. Our machines too all need electricity and power to make them work. There is in fact not a single thing on the planet which does not need energy to activate it and feed it with life. Continue reading


The Physical Causes Of Our Emotions …

( Reading Time – Approximately Four To Five Minutes ).

We all know that what enters the mind from our interactions with other people and the world can cause us to have certain emotional responses. When we see injustice on the news we may become angry, or when we see others suffering we may become sad and so forth.

But did you know that the internal workings of our organs can also be responsible for generating emotional states ?

Well simply, they can. Every organ can cause our minds to be more susceptible to different feelings and patterns of behaviour.

In this article, we will examine three such states – fear, anger and sadness. We will see how unhealthy organs as opposed to external life events outside of the human body may be creating or encouraging them.


We will start with fear. In the West it is often assumed that when one is fearful it is a character flaw; that someone is choosing to be weak, feeble and cowardly. Whereas when someone is brave, they are portrayed as a hero and are to be admired. Some of this behaviour is indeed their character, but in many cases it is merely just a reflection of the health and functioning of their hormonal system, particularly the power of their adrenal glands.

If you have strong adrenals you will be full of hormones like adrenalin, cortisone and testosterone. These great natural steroids give your body a super charge, causing it to stay very steady during any crisis or shock. Continue reading

A Little Piece Of Wisdom …

( Reading Time – Approximately Three To Four Minutes ).

“Most disease comes from things that enter the mouth, most trouble comes from words that leave it.” – Ancient Chinese Saying


This wise old proverb helps us to reflect on two very important ideas.

The first is quite obvious. If we eat poor quality foods, or over or under eat, then we can quickly make our bodies sick. These days it has become even more important for us to follow this sage advice as our processed diets are now more responsible than ever for polluting our systems and causing many of our modern ailments. We can easily see this in the alarmingly ever increasing rates of obesity, heart disease, dementia and cancers. So obviously eating good clean, natural and nutritious foods in moderate amounts is part of the way to bring balance to our lives and to keep ourselves strong and avoiding illness.

The second part of this clever saying, should hopefully make us consider to think and become a little more aware of our words before we utter them. Far too many of us say things without considering whether they are increasing the value of the moment or in fact are being responsible for bringing more misery to our lives and to that of others in the future. We are particularly unaware of what we are saying when we are not in full charge of our own emotions. Continue reading