What Is Qi And Why Is It So Important To Your Health …

( Reading Time – Approximately Three To Four Minutes ).

Qi (pronounced ‘chee’) is the Chinese name for the energy involved in all creation and life. In Japan they call it Ki, in India its name is Prana. Whatever it is called its actions are the same. It quite simply moves, creates, transforms, maintains, activates and holds in place everything in the human being and in the universe. It is the energetic force behind all existence.


Every living thing throughout nature needs energy. Plants need the sun’s energy to grow. They even create more leaves in the summer to soak up this energy into them. Our machines too all need electricity and power to make them work. There is in fact not a single thing on the planet which does not need energy to activate it and feed it with life.

In the human body, in simple terms, you can think of its Qi energy in the same way as you would think of energy in batteries or power from electricity. When we put batteries or electricity into a machine it animates it, it powers it up to function in whatever way it is intended to. However, if those batteries start to run out then problems occur. If you had a torch with failing batteries, the light would start to dim. Without sufficient power any machine will falter or not even work at all.

The body is exactly the same, the weaker the energy, the more problems and ill health it will have. Organs will weaken and be unable to create or move substances or perform their necessary functions. This will of course lead to illness in some form or another. Absolutely everything you do is dependent on energy. You cannot perform a single action without it. Every movement and even every thought and emotion is dependent on it, to give it life.

One of the main principles in Chinese and Eastern medicines is the maximizing of Qi energy in the human body.

By simply increasing overall energy in the body you will find that you can cure many problems. Every organ and cell in the body will be more powered up, will work better, be more productive, more healthy, more able to get rid of phlegm and toxins and so forth. The mind too, will have more ability to focus and control events in the body.


By even further increasing energy, you will find the body brimming with life. Your health will become radiant and everything will run at their peak levels.

Eastern medicines are filled with many techniques which are solely dedicated to the building and maintaining of optimal levels of energy in the body. And most of them are absolutely free.

While Western Medicine has ignored the use of energy preferring instead to invest heavily in the use of chemical drugs, and unfortunately in our modern times where the culture of profit dominates, it now seems very resistant to stray from this path. Perhaps if drug companies find a way to bottle and sell energy then we will very quickly be told of an astonishing new energy science and medical breakthrough that they have discovered.

Until then, the East has provided us with many excellent ways to form energy in the body. The Chinese character symbol for Qi gives us an indicator of where energy can come from. When you break down the symbol it refers to air and rice (food), which are two of the major contributors to the energy in our bodies.

Qi can also be created from the sun, from heat, from hormones and chemicals, from exercise and friction and even from enthusiasm formed in our mind and spirit.

The Chinese have also invented and have been using for thousands of years a whole exercise and meditation system called Qi Gong which is used to gather and cultivate energy in the body and mind. In India a similar effect can be derived from advanced Yoga techniques.

Of course once you have a good level of energy in the body, you also need to be aware of all the things that can rapidly start to deplete it. Preservation of energy then becomes a vital focus.

All these methods will be fully explained and discussed in later blogs, such as in next week’s one which will be all about using breathing techniques to strengthen and power up your bodies energy.



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