How To Powerfully Boost Your Health Through Eastern Breathing Methods – Part 2 of 3.

( Reading Time – Approximately Three To Four Minutes ).

Before we learn the complete breathing technique let’s examine some of its benefits …

(1) It increases the amount of oxygen and energy being delivered to your blood. By breathing correctly, you can add extra liters of air with every inhalation. This enhances and refreshes every single part of you. Your organs, tissues and muscles will have more power and ability to do their jobs.

(2) Your mind, which requires the most oxygen of all organs, will feel more awake, alert and calm. This allows you more control of your emotions. You will have more power and awareness to be in charge of them, rather than them leading you.

With all that extra oxygen flooding your brain you should find that your mood is generally more happy and uplifted too.

Also you will find that your concentration, memory and thought processing will all become more sharp and heightened.

(3) Your immune system will have access to a full reserve of energy. And when the body is threatened by bugs, it will easily have enough power to be able to make all the white cells it requires. White cells are the bodies defenders and when it has enough energy to create a big army of them, you will be much more successfully defended against any bacteria, colds or flu.

(4) Your energy levels will be increased, giving you more general get up and go. As your lungs have more capacity and can breathe more easily, you will be fitter and be able to do more. Your levels of stamina will excel.

(5) As you require less energy from food, you will have less cravings and can more easily reduce your sugary food intake if required. This will help you lose excess fat and manage your body weight more effectively.

The actual massaging effect involved in correct breathing also massages the abdomen; helping to push food down through the digestive organs and also drawing energy into them. This is again good for weight loss.

(6) This action also massages the kidneys, and more importantly the adrenal glands. These are the most important producers of hormones in the body. This can stimulate them, clean them and help them make more hormones to heal, regenerate and power up all parts of you.

The kidneys are of particular importance to the lungs. One of the hormones produced in the glands that sit on top of them is cortisone. Anyone who has asthma is aware of the importance of this substance, as most of the inhalers they sometimes depend on during asthma attacks contain the very same stuff. In Chinese Medicine, when a practitioner treats asthma, they will treat the lungs, but will also strengthen the kidneys and therefore the natural production of cortisone.

(7) This type of breathing also benefits the heart. Firstly it oxygenates the heart muscle. Then it packs blood with lots of oxygen thus reducing the amount the heart needs to get to cells, so the heart doesn’t have to work as hard.

Through this breathing, the lungs also act like a bellows forcefully pushing blood through them and around the body; again easing the workload of the heart.

(8) Lastly the other big effect from complete breathing is the full exhalation.

What most of us are unaware of is that the lungs are one of the main components of the bodies waste disposal system.

Every time you exhale, you are getting rid of significant amounts of fluids, carbon dioxide and other toxins from the blood. The blood filters absolutely everywhere through your body, gathering toxins and waste from cells, and also holding any improper or undigested particles coming from the digestive organs.

When you breathe the lungs put oxygen into your blood and take away this waste. You can easily see the amount being removed from your lungs by breathing on a mirror or a piece of glass. You can quickly see the moisture condense and build up on it. At the same time with this moisture, gas particles are also being emitted into the air. You take around 15 to 20 thousand breaths every day. Now if you start to multiply that by what you see on the mirror after only a few breaths, you can see the huge amount of waste that is being cleared from your body through your lungs. If you are not breathing deeply the waste is not being removed but is instead starting to build up in your blood making it and you more toxic.

But by breathing deeply you significantly increase the amount of waste leaving your body. It will clean your blood and all parts of you, leading to a much healthier and thriving system.

As you can see from the above list of benefits, the more deeply and effectively you can breathe, the more healthy your system will become on all levels: the body, the mind and the spirit.

(The final part of this blog, giving you details of the actual breathing methods, will be posted within the next couple of days.)



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