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Money Isn’t Everything …

( Reading Time – Approximately One Minute ).


Money …

It can buy a house
But not a home,

It can buy a clock
But not time,

It can buy you a position
But not respect,

It can buy you a bed
But not sleep,

It can buy you a book
But not knowledge,

It can buy you medicine
But not health,

It can buy you blood
But not life,

So you see  … Money isn’t everything

Author ~ Unknown.

(I was unable to establish who the original writer of that wise little piece is; if you know then please send me an email or leave a post in the comment section below, as I would like to give them full credit for their clever words.)


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The Art Of Balance …

( Reading Time – Approximately Three To Four Minutes ).


Quite often in the East you will hear of the terms Yin and Yang. Taken literally, Yin means the dark side of the mountain and Yang means the bright side of the mountain. They represent the seemingly opposite states of life which interflow and eventually act to rebalance each other.




In practical terms, for example after a long hot summer which dries out the earth and consumes its nutrients, we need a cool wet winter to nourish the land and bring it back into a healthy state of balance for the next yearly cycle. Or in a person, after being active all day, the body needs to rest at night, to recuperate and restore itself for a fresh start the next day. Continue reading