Living In Harmony With Nature …

( Reading Time – Approximately Four To Five Minutes ).

The human being, in its current form Homo Sapiens, has according to most historians been on this planet for about the last 80,000 to 120,000 years. Our bodies have been in roughly the same form all that time.

Because of this they have evolved in a certain fashion and we are stuck in those ways. We cannot break free from them in the space of 10, 50, 100 or even 200 years.

In past times people lived simply; when it became bright, people would get up, hunt, gather foods, and then eat them. When it got dark they would go off to bed and sleep. There wasn’t much else they could do. Obviously they couldn’t stay up and watch television, do shift work, eat meals or anything else throughout the night.

Because of our slow evolution, we are stuck with an internal biological clock that dictates when our bodies and its organs are functioning at their peaks for different tasks.

For example, from morning to afternoon, because of the times we used to eat at, the energy in our digestive systems is at its most powerful. While in the evening it becomes sluggish and less able to process food. Recent scientific studies have shown that if you eat food at night you will gain substantially more weight and fat than if you eat the exact same food earlier in the day.

At night, for about four hours after 10 to 11 pm, when we should be sleeping, our bodies will use this opportunity to emit growth hormones to repair, replace and rebuild cells. Because of the work these hormones do, we now know that the old saying about going to bed and getting a good night’s sleep to keep you beautiful and young, is actually true.

Our bodies too are used to breaking down unprocessed, unrefined simpler more natural foods. They are not structured to deal with many of the chemicals, additives and preservatives now found in our food supply. Preservatives are put in to prevent nature from breaking down foods; the problem is when they end up in us they are interfering with our natural ability to digest foods too. A build up of these chemicals can eventually lead to high levels of toxicity and cause disease in our bodies.

Our physical systems aren’t built to cope with life in a 24 hour society, nor are our brains designed to process the vast amount of information we are now being exposed to in our media and technology driven culture. Technology has very definitely well out paced us. And unfortunately from this overload, high rates of depression, anxiety, stress and emotional apathy have begun to become the norm in today’s society.

Science has provided us with many fantastic improvements and comforts in our lives but we must never forget that our bodies are still part of nature and the more we move out of our natural rhythms the more sick we tend to become. This is clearly evident from the ever escalating rates of diabetes, dementia, heart disease, cancer, obesity and so many others that seem to be accompanying technology in our modern world.

Sometimes common sense is also more relevant to our lives than scientific fact. For example, we all know that the earth undeniably revolves around the sun. This is an indisputable fact. However, the common observation of the sun moving over our heads and across the earth from morning to night, giving it the appearance of revolving around us and the earth, has much more of a bearing and impact on our real lives. It has many more practical implications for the human being, it dictates our sleep, our work, our meal times and even times for socializing.

Sometimes common sense, practical and natural approaches are much more influential, important and relevant to our everyday lives than technical science is.

Chinese and Eastern medical science tends to try to fit in with more natural laws and observations. They are more concerned with functioning and practical responses in the human being than with the minute structures of cells.

Most often as long as we are making the right changes in our lives on the bigger level; then all the smaller parts which make up the body, will automatically change right along with these bigger processes, ( as we will clearly see in forthcoming blogs).

Eastern Medicine sees nature as having superior knowledge in its own design and in its design of the human being. It therefore tries to assist and guide people back into a balanced natural state, allowing their own bodies to perform any complex healing at microscopic levels.

The body created itself in the first place. And if it becomes unwell, then when it is given the opportunity and right circumstances provided by Eastern Medicine and right living, it alone truly knows best how to rebuild and heal itself.


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