The Real Root Causes Of Illness …

( Reading Time – Approximately Two To Three Minutes ).

Eastern Medicine looks at illness and an unhealthy body in a very different way than Western Medicine. In general Eastern medicine will try to establish a bigger overall pattern that is leading to symptoms being expressed in the body, whereas Western Medicine often just looks  at and treats the symptoms in isolation.


The problem with this is that even when it is successful at eliminating symptoms, the underlying weakness or agitation which allowed the illness to manifest, can often just cause a new problem to spring up in a different location. You might fix one problem but the state in the body which caused it has been allowed to remain and fester.


For example, we could take the case of a cancer having been treated by surgery, chemo and radiotherapy. If the patient survives these intense treatments and the cancerous cells have been removed, then this is deemed a success, a “cure” by Western Medicine. From an Eastern perspective you have not addressed the vitally important question of what caused the cancer in the first place. If you do not address the causes of the cancer, then even if you have eradicated the mutated cells, the patient is still left vulnerable to a re-occurrence of it at a future stage in their life.


With Eastern ways, its methods of rebalancing the body always strives to bring it back into its original healthy state, it is designed to reset your system. Leaving it not just symptom free, but in a state where weakness, illness and disease can neither flourish nor remain in any part.


As I have previously written about in past blogs, one of the central ideas is to place your body in a safe and healthy middle ground that is devoid of any extremes. Just as extremes clearly affect nature and cause the plants and creatures that live in it many problems, so too can these conditions develop internally in the human being and cause weakness and illness there. As we will shortly see, extremes of any type, be they internal heat, cold, dryness, dampness, toxicity or others, can negatively impact the health of your whole body, leaving it vulnerable to many problems and diseases.


These bigger patterns can run right through many parts of your body, affecting several organs and parts. Rarely are they isolated and secluded to just one location as is presumed by Western Medicine.


In the past few years Western Medicine has finally started to recognize the links between problems in different areas, such as gum disease and its links to heart disease, diabetes, infertility and general cancers. Previously it viewed these illnesses in isolation with no connection, it has now scientifically discovered that this is untrue. If you have gum disease, it has been proven, for example, your risk of cancers, such as lung, blood, kidney and others increases too.


This is a step in the right direction, however it still seems to be clueless and falling far short of seeing how big the entire picture really is. And how everything is affected in the body by the bigger more general conditions and overall states of simple extremes, such as excessive internal heat, cold and toxicity.


Toothaches, bad breath, headaches, bloodshot eyes, stuffy noses, insomnia, mental anxiety, anger and frustration; in most cases these symptoms usually have the same underlying common denominator of excessive heat.


If you had several of these conditions and went to your local Western doctor they may send you to a dentist, optician, psychiatrist and other specialist. If these physicians just treat the symptoms and not the root causes, then these problems may come back or alternatively may start to express themselves in a different area. By not addressing and curing the deeper issue, the patient will be left in a state of weakness and ill health, going from one problem to the next, never really becoming strong and healthy. Whereas an Eastern doctor would give you herbs or other treatment which would clear away the underlying condition and all the manifesting symptoms from it would begin to disappear.


In the next series of blogs, (starting next week), I will discuss and explain how heat and the other major patterns actually cause symptoms and diseases in your body. I will also start to give you the knowledge and tools you need to alter these patterns and bring your body into a strong, healthy, disease free, state of balance.



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