How Internal Heat Is The Cause Of Many Ailments (Part 1 of 3) …

( Reading Time – Approximately Four To Six Minutes ).

This is part 1 of 3 blogs on internal heat. Part 1 explains how heat behaves in the body. Part 2 describes symptoms, signs and general ailments caused by excessive heat. And part 3 tells you how this damaging heat was created; and what you can do to reduce it and to bring your body into a more balanced and healthy state.


So let’s begin.


The body likes to be warm and full of energy to function at its best.

However, just like a machine or anything found in nature, if heat builds up excessively in it, then damage is caused.


The easiest way to see the destructive actions of too much heat in the body is to examine what it does in nature. The way heat behaves outside the body is also the way it behaves inside of it.


When we look at heat in nature we see it enlivens things and energizes them.
It gives them power and makes them move faster. In spring and summer it brings animals out of hibernation and it grows flowers and plants. It warms and gives life, light and energy.


But if heat becomes too excessive it can start to burn and dry. Plants will wither. The ground will become barren, hard and even start to crack.


In the body if things become too hot; then this can cause our cells, tissues, hormones, fluids and organs all to begin to suffer damage.


To simplify things here, I have made a list of the ways heat can cause damage
inside of us …


1) Excess energy and stimulation can cause internal parts to speed up and become overactive. This can cause problems such as strain on our hearts from
beating too fast, or our minds becoming hyperactive and filled with anxiety.


(2) Our cells if they become too hot may start to mutate and become toxic.


(3) Our nutrients may be burnt up, leading to an overall lack of nourishment in the body.


(4) Another feature of heat is expansion, when you heat fluids, molecules in them intensify activity, separate and take up more space to form gases. If you think of water being heated and boiled in a pot, you can clearly see this process in action. The water expands as it is heated, eventually bubbling up and taking much more space. Finally as the pressure builds, it releases steam and consumes even more of the surrounding space.


In the body this has massive implications causing inflammation and pressure. This can often combine with phlegm and toxins. The pressure can then build up to such an extent to cause vessels to burst and rupture leading to serious damage, such as internal bleeding and strokes.


(5) The other effect from swelling can be pain, as the pressure on nerve endings and the flow of energy increases and blocks up, pain will follow.


(6) Heat also causes things to rise. We can easily see this in nature through the simple process of rain. The sun’s heat evaporates water, causing it to turn into a gas and rise up. As it cools, it condenses, becomes heavier and falls as rain. In the body, heat tends to rise up and cause lots of illnesses, agitation and symptoms in the head and mind. Such as toothaches, ear aches, headaches, bloodshot eyes, anger and anxiety.


(7) Heat can often combine with dryness. Dryness, just as in nature, reduces fluids. This speeds up the process of withering and aging things. Dryness can make things stiff and hard to move. As lubrication disappears things will become more grinding and will catch, tear and cause pain.


(8) Our blood and hormone levels can also be reduced and diminished by the dry heat. This will affect many parts of us, including our minds and spirits.


(9) In the West, due to our rich diets, heat most commonly combines with toxins. In summertime if we leave food out in the open, it will quickly start to rot and putrefy. Bacteria love damp and hot conditions. They feed and thrive in it.


In nature you will always see insects gathering around stagnant murky pools and swamps in the heat. Just like flies and other insects are drawn to rotting, festering, decaying food, bacteria at a microscopic level also loves these conditions. The more hot and toxic your body is, the more perfect breeding grounds you have created for bacteria. You will find in this state you can easily suffer from infections.


(10) Another thing you will notice with heat and toxins is that fluids as they are overcooked and stewed in the body will become darker in color and more odorous. Moist rotting food if left in hot and humid weather will brown in color and become foul smelling. The more heat, the more activity, the more rotting will occur and more odor is produced.



In the next blog update, I will list common signs and symptoms that you can use to spot a build up of too much heat inside your body. If this excessive heat is not curtailed then it will cause you to become out of balance and either sick or in a poor state of health, which leaves you open and vulnerable to many diseases and problems.


By spotting these signs and symptoms in your own body, you can try to steer it back into a state of harmony and balance.


From here you will not just be avoiding future ills, but you will find that you have more energy, strength, and stamina. You will also have improved clarity, concentration, memory and emotional well being. Your quality of life will improve and you will be healthier and happier.


( However do remember that if you already have a health condition, it is advisable to contact a qualified practitioner of Chinese or Eastern Medicine to properly diagnose and treat it. )



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