How Internal Heat Is The Cause Of Many Ailments (Part 2 of 3) …

( Reading Time – Approximately Seven To Nine Minutes ).


In this update you will find a list of common symptoms and ailments that are
usually evolved from an overall pattern of excessive heat inside the organs and
cells of the body.


When you are dealing with a body that has become out of balance, then do remember that it is unlikely you would get all of these symptoms. You may just have a few of them.

Many of these symptoms may also come from causes other than excessive internal heat. So to establish if they are likely to have been caused by heat, look for multiple signs of your system generally overheating.

With the big patterns, all you are trying to do is establish where your body type is generally. Such as, is it an overheated system or is it too cold? Is it too dry or is it too damp? And so forth.

Also please note that due to the limitations of a blog, this is just a short description of likely heat related symptoms. If you require a more in depth list and fuller explanation of hese symptoms then you can find them in my book or by consulting a practitioner of Eastern Medicine.

So here they are, heat symptoms …

Thumping or migraine headaches – Particularly at the sides of the head and at the temples. This is caused by heat swelling the tissues and blood inside the brain. As your brain is encased in a skull, there is little space available for it to swell. So every time the heart pushes blood out into the body, the pressure gets too much inside the skull and nerve endings are squashed. Resulting in a thumping pain.
Tinnitus – Loud ringing in the ears is caused by heat agitating and inflaming the ear.
Ear ache – Too much hot blood swells the blood vessels in the inner ear causing pressure and pain. It may be accompanied by dry skin or redness on the outer ear. Toxins, phlegm and bacteria may also build up causing more pressure and pain.
Red face – Is caused by heat expanding the tiny blood vessels supplying the face.
Nose Bleeds – Hot blood expands and bursts blood vessels in the nose. If heat related, then this is usually quite forceful bleeding. There is too much pressure in the bloodvessels, so the blood gushes out.
Racing or anxious mind – The heat is usually in the brain and the heart. It disturbs blood circulation through the brain, distressing it. The heat speeds and over activates the brain. Also blood and its nutrients can easily be burnt up, producing poor quality blood. This deficient blood fails to nourish and support the mind.
Anger, frustration and irritability – The heat is in the brain and in the liver. Expanded and heated blood agitates the mind and builds up pressure in it. If it is extreme you may blow your top and explode with rage. Heat also burns away good nutrients used for food and fuel by the brain. So the brain is less able to think clearly and calmly.
Dry, red, tired, gritty, or sticky eyes – Heat swells the blood vessels in the eyes, expands them and gives them the “blood shot” look. It is commonly seen after consuming heat producing alcohol. Dry, gritty and sticky eyes can come from heat drying and congealing fluids on the eyes.
Mucus affecting the nose and sinus – If it’s heat related, the mucus will usually be yellow, green or darker colors. If it’s hot and dry the nose may be stuffy and blocked.
Broken veins on the nose – Commonly referred to as a “Brandy Nose”. Heat has permanently swelled and burst tiny capillaries on the nose. This sometimes results from over consumption of alcohol, but can also be from too much spices, coffee, dark teas, sugars and fats. Or even from anger and stress.
Sticky mouth, bad breath or bad taste in the morning time – Is usually caused by excess heat and phlegm in the stomach. This produces rotting odors and foul tastes.
Bleeding gums – Heat causes blood vessels in the gums to expand and swell. When pressed on by toothbrush bristles, they will easily burst and bleed. This is just like the way a balloon with too much air blown in it can burst easily.
Dental abscesses and toothaches – Heat swells blood vessels in the gums, causing them to put pressure on the teeth and squash nerve endings. If the mouth is not clean then toxins can build up, increase pressure and pain, start to rot and cause infections. Toothaches are usually resolved through the use of herbs and corrections in diet in Chinese Medicine. Dentistry is not generally recommended.
Dizziness – Heat can cause pressure in the brain. It can also burn away nutrients from our blood, which can weaken it and leave it unable to support and nourish the brain.
Mouth sores – Heat can cause inflamed, swollen, tender eruptions.
Stroke – Heat in the blood vessels in the brain causes them to expand. If the pressure becomes too great, one can rupture and bleed into the brain causing massive damage.
Twitches in eyelids – Heat causes pressure to build intensely in little blood vessels in eyelids. Eyelids may twitch when extra pressure comes from the heart pumping blood out through the body.
Dandruff – The heat burns up nutrients in the blood and the scalp; so it is not fed, nourished and moistened, causing it to appear dry and flaky.
Thinning, dry or frizzy hair – If the blood is hot and deficient in minerals and nutrients, then hair follicles are not fed and the hair becomes thin and dry.
Wrinkles – Heat can often dry up the skin, and burn up nutrients and minerals in the blood that should be nourishing and moistening it. This causes it to age more quickly. This can often be seen in smokers, sun bathers and coffee drinkers.
Dry mouth and thirst – Heat has burned up cooling and moistening fluids, leaving the mouth dry and thirsty.
General feelings of heat – Hot people tend to want to turn off heaters and radiators. And also wear less clothes than others around them, (unless those others are suffering from too much heat as well).They also might stick their feet outside bed covers and kick blankets off themselves at night and so on.
Poor sleep and insomnia – Heat in the mind or body causes it to remain too active. This can cause restless sleep, difficulty getting to sleep or trouble staying asleep.
Rashes, psoriasis, eczema and acne – Blood should nourish, moisten and supply the skin with minerals to keep it cool; but if it has become overheated, blood will instead inflame and dry out the skin causing rashes. If It has become hot and toxic, blood will heat and inflame the skin and try to push these toxins out through the pores. Some toxins will get caught in the pores blocking them and causing acne, infections or oozing rashes.
Tight, sore and achy muscles – Blood should nourish, soften and relax muscles. If it does not, then the muscles will become stiff and tight.
Rapid heartbeat, panic attacks, thumping in the chest – Heat has over activated the heart, speeding it up. It needs to be cooled and slowed down.
Dry cough – Particularly active in evenings and at night. Heat in the lungs has dried out lubricants that allow flexible movement through them. This can cause inflammation and irritation.
Arthritis, sore inflamed joints – Heat can dry oils from joints causing them to seize and stiffen. Heat and toxins can jam up and lodge in joints, blocking off access for good fresh nutrients to help keep them strong and causing bad sludge to lodge in them instead. This can lead to pain as nerve endings are pressed upon.
Angina and chest pain – Heat and toxins clog up the blood vessels in the chest, causing swelling and pressure on nerve endings.
Dry, brittle, cracked nails – Blood is hot and nutrient deficient, and fails to build and nourish nails.
Heartburn – Caused by an excessive build up of heat and acids. These are normally used to break down food. But if they mix with phlegm and become trapped in the stomach, or too much heat creating food like spices, coffee and alcohol is consumed, then pressure can build up, forcing them up the food pipe, causing a fiery burning sensation.
Strong appetite – Intense heat burns up food and its nutrients in the stomach. The brain and body doesn’t get fed and sends out signals for more food.
Emaciated or thin with feelings of heat in the upper body – The metabolism and body are too hot on the inside. It is burning and eating itself up.
Overweight or obese – If the digestive tract becomes overwhelmed with both heat and toxic phlegm and sludge, usually from fatty, greasy diets. The body may start to retain them as useless fats and cause you to become overweight.
Cough producing yellow or darker phlegm – If heat related, the heat will thicken and cook the white clear phlegm, turning it yellow, green or darker colors. And causing it to rot and provide breeding grounds for bugs and bacteria. It will also make it smell and taste foul.
Tiredness with feelings of heat – This produces an uneasy feeling of tiredness. A kind of restlessness and dead energy. You can still get up and do things but you will feel tired at the same time. Like someone who has taken lots of alcohol, coffee or stimulants. Because your hot, you still have a certain amount of energy in your body, but in this case you have burnt away all your fuel reserves, that is your nutrients from food. This is just like someone pouring petrol on a fire that is running out of logs. You are now running on the fumes of your energy, with no proper reserves and foundations.
Body odors – Heat and toxins over cook fluids in the body creating unpleasant smells.
Constipation – Heat has dried up the inside of the intestines, making it very difficult for food to pass through.
Odorous bowel movements – Heat makes things go off. Even in nature we see this quite clearly. Dog excrement is really foul smelling if left out in the heat and humidity in summertime. It attracts flies and bugs. If your stools are constantly foul smelling, it means that your intestines have become like a rotten cesspool on the inside. Odor from bowel movements is a very strong indicator of heat and toxins in the body. And can often be seen as a strong warning sign of looming serious future ailments.
Yellow or smelly urine – In Chinese Medicine, urine should swing from pale yellow or clear to deeper yellows throughout the day. If it is always yellow or smelly, you have too much toxicity in your body.
Painful or burning urination – Heat and toxins agitate and inflame the lining of the bladder and the kidneys.
Infertility – Toxins may obstruct movement. Heat may damage sperm, hormones and nutrients in blood, and thus affect the quality supplied to the reproductive organs.
Restless legs and fidgeting – Heat is in the bloodstream, causing it to over activate muscles.
Spider veins – Hot blood swells and enlarges blood vessels causing noticeable thread or spider veins.
Smelly feet – Heat and toxins are gathering in the feet. Heat causes things to go off quickly, rot and smell bad. If there are heavy toxins in your feet, they will continue to smell bad even if you wash them every day. You need to remove toxins internally to get rid of the odor. This condition is usually seen in people who are very toxic and is a dangerous warning sign of overall ill health.
Nail infections – Heat and heavy toxins gather in the toes. The heat cooks and rots the gooey toxins, turning them into breeding grounds for bacteria. Germs love damp and heat, so infections can quickly lodge themselves into the nails and begin to feast on the moist, decaying, rotting tissues.
Gout – Heat and toxins are building up in the joint of the ball of the foot. Bad poisons and heavy toxins often gather in the extremities, the hands and feet. Particularly in the feet, as they are furthest away from the powerful circulation that the heart provides, therefore they may become lodged there and can’t easily be cleared away.
Tongue – Will usually be red in color from heat. Will have a creamy yellow or deeper colored coating if heat and phlegm are present. And will usually have tiny cracks and no coating if heat and dryness are involved.
Pulse – Heat will over activate the heart and speed the pulse up.
To sum things up. 
Foul odors, yellow, green and darker fluids and mucus; Red face and skin, and general feelings of heat, swelling and pressure, anger and frustration, are all usually good indicators that your insides have become hot, toxic and polluted. As these symptoms and heat increases, your chances of getting more serious and dramatic illnesses also increase sharply.
Heat when not balanced can be damaging in the body and can deplete its resources. But heat and toxins are often a much more deadly mix and should be well avoided.
Sometimes people who are over heated can be lulled into a false sense of security. They will generally have more energy and get up and go than others. A sense of spring in their step and even often more enjoyment and excitement in their life. They will most likely get less colds or even none at all. Because of these reasons, they presume that they are healthier than most others.
Unfortunately this is not the case. They are less likely to suffer from long drawn out conditions, like those endured by people with cold patterns. But are more susceptible to suffer sudden and catastrophic illnesses like cancers, strokes and serious heart attacks.
In nature a similar scenario presents itself. If you think of a hot tropical island, all seems to be like a paradise. However, as natural earthly pressures arises from all that heat, this build up generates a forceful, devastating, damaging event such as a hurricane, a tidal wave, an earthquake or even a volcanic eruption. So to stay healthy, be particularly careful to watch for signs to ensure your body isn’t overheating.
Next week, in part 3, I will discuss the common sources that can cause this destructive heat to emerge. And I will tell you what you can do to avoid them.


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