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The Real Root Causes Of Illness …

( Reading Time – Approximately Two To Three Minutes ).

Eastern Medicine looks at illness and an unhealthy body in a very different way than Western Medicine. In general Eastern medicine will try to establish a bigger overall pattern that is leading to symptoms being expressed in the body, whereas Western Medicine often just looks  at and treats the symptoms in isolation.


The problem with this is that even when it is successful at eliminating symptoms, the underlying weakness or agitation which allowed the illness to manifest, can often just cause a new problem to spring up in a different location. You might fix one problem but the state in the body which caused it has been allowed to remain and fester.


For example, we could take the case of a cancer having been treated by surgery, chemo and radiotherapy. If the patient survives these intense treatments and the cancerous cells have been removed, then this is deemed a success, a “cure” by Western Medicine. From an Eastern perspective you have not addressed the vitally important question of what caused the cancer in the first place. If you do not address the causes of the cancer, then even if you have eradicated the mutated cells, the patient is still left vulnerable to a re-occurrence of it at a future stage in their life. Continue reading


How Pomegranates Can Help Treat Prostate Cancer

( Reading Time – Approximately Four To Five Minutes ).

In my last blog I talked about the widening gap between real science, whose interest is in discovering the truth and in generally creating a more intelligent world, and commercial science which appears to want to patent and use anything it finds to further the financial wealth of a select minority of already wealthy individuals.

Unfortunately, for the vast majority of people in the world, commercial science now appears also to have taken a rather dubious course of leading people away from effective real science. Science which ordinary people could use to empower themselves, and help themselves prevent and treat many forms of illness at relatively low costs.

Chinese Medicine is full of such low cost and self help techniques and treatments. It was founded with the concept of helping the patient to understand how they became sick and how they can prevent reoccurrence of their illness in the future. It was developed at a time and through philosophies such as Taoism, Buddhism and Confucianism, where money and wealth were not the primary goals. This is very different to the position commercialised Western Medicine now finds itself in, where it is being driven by secrecy, competition and capitalistic market forces.

During the time I spent writing my book, I researched and found many Western studies to back up the theories which Chinese Medicine has evolved regarding health and illness over thousands of years through the use of empirical research.

One such case is the studies I came across regarding the treatment of prostate Cancer.

In the United Kingdom over 30,000 men are diagnosed with this illness every year and over 10,000 men die from it. In the United States it is the second leading cause of cancer related deaths in men.

Amongst other things, Chinese Medicine uses bitter flavours and herbs as part of the treatment and prevention of cancers. So whilst writing my book I searched for evidence of the effects of bitter tasting foods in Western trials on cancer in the human body. There are an over whelming number of Western studies to support this Chinese view point.

Two of such studies I found, where in this case in relation to prostate cancer and the use of the bitter tasting juice from pomegranates as detailed below. As you read them, bear in mind that both studies are involving simple, ordinary, easily obtainable pomegranate juice.

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