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How To Powerfully Boost Your Health Through Eastern Breathing Methods – Part 1 of 3

( Reading Time – Approximately Three To Four Minutes ).

In my last blog I spoke to you about how essential it is to maximize your energy to keep all your organs functioning at their highest levels. This will produce the optimum in physical, mental and emotional well being.

It also empowers your body to carry out the necessary functions, repairs and maintenance which will help prevent many ailments or any weaknesses that can allow disease to occur.

There are many methods used in the East to cultivate and gather energy in the body. In this blog update, we will focus on just one of them, the use of Eastern style breathing techniques. Breathing is free and when performed correctly can produce great improvements to your overall health.

Unlike our current Western habit of shallow and unproductive breathing, these Eastern techniques will strengthen our lungs and train us to breathe in a much more beneficial, energy enhancing and healthy way.

In the West, unnatural shallow breathing has come about from several different reasons…

(1) We are spending more and more time inside; working at desks in our homes and offices, playing computer games, watching television or using the internet.


Often is the case, that these practices damage our posture. They cause us to slouch or lean over desks or keyboards, cramping and squashing our lungs up, preventing them from opening fully, and inhaling and exhaling properly. Continue reading